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CEDM is not any one person, CEDM is not a partnership, CEDM is a movement. Christian Dance music is a very old scene, but not a unified one. Our Goal is to create bridges that help the Christian EDM scene grow as a whole.
CEDM Alliance is by no means a watchdog, it is here strictly for one goal, Unify the Christian EDM scene in different ways.

For Listeners: CEDM alliance was created because there is no one stop shop for listeners to find all of the Different labels/radio stations/artists/blogs/DJ's in one spot. The biggest concern is that listeners have no idea how to find artists since most artists are not signed and have no means of getting themselves visible.

For Talents: Like the BBB (better business bureau) we are a membership based alliance with unique crest to help spread our mission. We want radio stations to find artists to play! Blogs to find Labels to write about! Labels to find DJ's to play their music! Our only goal is to use technology to make accessing each others content much easier than ever before. We have realized most people are trying to promote themselves more so than the Christian dance scene as a whole or just don't know how to properly get out. We are not interested in promoting any individual talent, we have a small membership fee that is used strictly to promote this unifying body. The body is compromised of the industries largest labels/blogs/artists/DJ's/Radio stations. We want this to be an accountability structure who's main goal is to grow the scene.

One artists promoting himself will never help the insdustry grow, but if all the Talents pool their into a single unifying body that will attract hundreds of thousands of listeners around the world everyone gets benefited.

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